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Torquay State School

Torquay State School is a unique community where our entire staff feel and demonstrate a collective responsibility for each child’s learning and development.  This represents an incredible collaborative approach where each student is nurtured from year to year with teachers maintaining a consistent interest in each child’s success.
We actively promote and teach students and community about our values of:
             Respect and
This enables our school to ensure we have a well-disciplined environment where children are encouraged to think creatively and to engage in a range of problem solving processes.  These values underpin our School’s Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students and provide the opportunity to teach valuable life lessons.
 We have a strong focus on academic learning particularly in the areas of English, Maths and Science.  We are continually striving to find ways to ensure that we have aligned our resources to make sure that we have access to current and up to date resources to use everyday to support student learning. Our teachers frequently engage in on-going professional development to ensure their skills remain at the forefront of current research blending with tried and true pedagogical practice. 
 Central to our approach is the value that we place on partnerships with families and care providers. This value is demonstrated in many ways, both formally and informally via regular class snippets on Facebook, the fortnightly newsletter, and conversations with parents by phone and at interviews.  Parents are always welcome to come to the classrooms to volunteer their time or to simply investigate what their child is working on. Interviews with teachers need to take place outside of class teaching time to ensure that the teacher’s focus is where it should be – on teaching each child!  Of course we have a very active P&C and a myriad of ways families can be involved with our school.
 I encourage you to spend time at home engaging with your child about their learning – support our school’s home reading program by reading to or with your child every day and then talking to them about the text;  ask your child to share with you the best part of their day and to explain what they learned.  Importantly, get to know your child’s teacher and continue the partnerships that have already been made.
 As Principal of Torquay State School I enjoy taking an active role in our  learning programs and working with students.
Heidi Dallimore
Torquay State School



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